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  1. BoostN

    1st time Duramax owner

    Welcome to the forum!
  2. BoostN

    CAI now available...

    I'm just ready for tuning...
  3. BoostN

    Made the switch from Dodge ram

    Friend of mine has a new 2021 EcoDiesel Loaded out. It's a super nice truck!
  4. BoostN

    Loud hissing sound

    Diesel treatment is one thing.. if you're not in a cold climate and the artic blast hits (like Texas this week), then you must treat the fuel yourself.
  5. BoostN

    Loud hissing sound

    Wow.. keep us updated.. How cold was it?
  6. BoostN

    Cooling fan/engine block heater issue

    Thanks for sharing @ACP ! Good info for sure!
  7. BoostN

    Made the switch from Dodge ram

    Welcome! We're glad to have you here.
  8. BoostN

    Thanks from NY (not the city)

    Hard to beat silver!! But that is a sharp color for sure.
  9. BoostN

    Loud hissing sound

    Fuel pump right under your door there.. my 2.8L Duramax did the same thing in cold weather.. somedays louder than others.
  10. BoostN

    New truck not starting

    CEL = Check Engine Light Let's hope that TSB Fixes it.. thanks for posting that. Keep us updated on what happens!
  11. BoostN

    2020 GMC AT4 3.0L/Massive Oil Leak

    Glad to hear they are helping out for being in the shop for that long.
  12. BoostN

    2020 GMC AT4 3.0L/Massive Oil Leak

    I wonder if it's bad seals? Bad factory procedures.. or .. ?
  13. BoostN

    Christmas present to myself...

    I love Christmas all year around .. :cool:
  14. BoostN

    Your first mod?

    I like the lighted emblem personally, looks awesome on both Chevy/GMC's.
  15. BoostN

    should have done this sooner

    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here.
  16. BoostN

    EGR Valve issues?

    We'll, keep us updated. Hopefully the dealer can source the parts from somewhere. It seems EGR/emission components in general are hard to get right now due to COVID-19.
  17. BoostN

    EGR Valve issues?

    What were the symptoms?
  18. BoostN

    Thank you for letting me join this forum, from Florida.

    Welcome! It's possible the oil change was done outside of the the dealer. A lot of folks do not like the "stealer ship". Perhaps YOUR first service is free, not talking about the truck itself?
  19. BoostN

    This post needs to be sticky stuck...

    Also great to see pictures!! :cool:
  20. BoostN

    Engine monitor

    That's a great question.. I'm going to try and figure it out.