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    Newbie member

    Welcome! We're glad to have you!
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    2500 ZR2 Duramax

    It was 88K on this one.
  3. BoostN

    24 Duramax Fuel System Failures

    I'm getting the info from him, so who knows if it's right.. and yes, it's not 500 at that dealer, but nationwide.. as of Friday still no update. GM Customer Service would not guarantee a rental reimbursement either. He found a rental WT Duramax 4x4 for 700 weekly, as he needs something to pull...
  4. BoostN

    24 Duramax Fuel System Failures

    Anyone had/seen issues with the fuel systems on the 24 6.6L Duramaxs? My dad has a 24' model with 6500 miles.. it's in the shop with the entire fuel system tore down due to metal found. It's been there 3 weeks and they can't get all the parts... from what he said, this part was the one they are...
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    2500 ZR2 Duramax

    Ran across this last week.. it didn't last long, maybe 24 hours after hitting the lot. Maybe my next truck...
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    Need help on oil consumption issue

    Welcome.. You could also open a case with GM to help put eyes on the issue. Never hurts.
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    New guy just joined

    Welcome, we're glad to have you here!
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    GM to stop sharing your data...

    That's a big yikes.. but not surprising. Also, it's a key piece to as why GM is halting Apple CarPlay for the EV's (and all others soon I'm assuming). It's well reported that Apple will essentially own that data, and leaving the automaker to deal with whatever apple wants to do with it.. and...
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    Cannot change AM/FM channels

    New to me.. worst case unplug the batteries for about an hour and plug them back in, but since you're this close I'd take it in and have them look at it.
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    newby looking for real info on Upper Control Arms

    I'm using 5100's on the 2" section, 1 down from max. Most agree that if you don't offroad often and you don't go with 2.5" setting you're probably fine without UCA's.. however, as always, it doesn't hurt.
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    Dash Camera

    Get a test light to find the hot lead and get a tap fuse kit and hardwire within your headliner.. that's my plan once I get over my injury. (just a few more months hopefully).
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    It looks like the 1500's are included in the recall...

    With the stop sale happening, they'll be fixing it quick... :D
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    GM to recall the hd's for tailgate dropping...

    I've heard people talk about this.. those tailgates are not cheap either if it comes down on something.
  14. BoostN

    Reduced engine power warning

    It's been really, really cold here the past 3-4 days, lows being around -5 for a day or so overnight (I'm in TN) with no added fuel additives and I didn't gel. I was surprised to be honest, but weird how yours did. I know some states will do a blend during winter, but I'm not sure how strong...
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    No Heat with remote start

    I will add, the heated steering wheel is nice :cool:
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    Stealth module for 3.0

    I've personally never been a fan of that company, it's always been "snake oil" to me. I would look at legit tuning if you're wanting something more.. granted, with any tuner you run the risk of voiding the warranty.. but that's the risk most of us have taken... :D
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    New to forum, looking for info on the duramax mileage

    Amazing for a full size SUV.
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    New to the Forum but not a new truck

    Same, 44Kish no issues.
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    New to the Forum but not a new truck

    I went from a Colorado Duramax to this as well, before that I had a Duramax LML that I loved. We're glad to have you here!
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    New Gal Here :)

    Welcome to the forum, we're glad to have you here!