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  1. BoostedJohn

    New 2021 RST

    welcome to the group, nice truck
  2. BoostedJohn

    Small 2" Lift for my RST

    That's a nice set up, I didn't want to spend over $3k on a lift after install. I'm not saying I won't get something like that down the road though. lol
  3. BoostedJohn

    Ford dropping the 3.0L Diesel option

    Being that they just developed this new motor and spent lots of $$$ to bring it to market, I think it would be hard for them justify not offering it in the near future. They'll need some return on the investment. Also, I think they are selling fairly well. I read somewhere it equates to about...
  4. BoostedJohn

    Hey guys

    Thank you sir.
  5. BoostedJohn

    My progression so far

    Thank you!!! I like the lift quite a bit. The ride quality isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Overall it’s not too far off of factory. The factory shocks are a little bouncy so I’d like to change out to the bilstiens but no one has them in stock. Now if I could only get my center caps back...
  6. BoostedJohn

    Hey guys

    Are you here in Jacksonville? It's on University Blvd by the Arlington expressway..
  7. BoostedJohn

    My progression so far

    I got my new RST Z71 in the middle of May. Here is my progression from stock to what it is so far. I’ve added a Readylift 4” SST kit, 20x10 -18 offset Fuel Heater wheels wrapped in 33x12.50 Nitto Ridge Grapplers, RC XL2 drop steps, weather tech window visors, diode dynamics reverse light led’s...
  8. BoostedJohn

    22" wheels on my 2020 1500 Denali 3.0 Liter Duramax short box

    Nitto ridge and terra grapplers are available in 22" tires. My friend has them on his Raptor.
  9. BoostedJohn

    Small 2" Lift for my RST

    I ended up going with the Readlift 4" SST lift. I'm quite happy with it.
  10. BoostedJohn

    Live Oak, FL... checking in

    In Jacksonville here...
  11. BoostedJohn

    Hello all!

    Nice looking truck
  12. BoostedJohn

    Your first mod?

    first thing that was changed on my truck was the silver badging to gloss black. Since, there have been a few more mods. I'm loving the way my truck looks now. I find myself staring at it as I walk up to it or when I have a view of it when its sitting in a parking lot. lol
  13. BoostedJohn

    Hey guys

    Hey guys, I’m obviously new here. I just got a 2021 Silverado 1500 RST back in mid May. I love the truck so far. I’ve done a few things to it with more to come. Added a lift, wheels/tires, gloss black badges and some drop steps