newby looking for real info on Upper Control Arms


New member
Mar 12, 2024
Hey guys, Newby here and I wanted to confirm with y'all..
Do I need to upgrade the upper control arms if I'm installing Bilstein 5100? There are lots of "opinions" floating the interwebs, but really looking for feedback from those that replaced their Rancho's for Bilstein 5100 specifically. What ring position on the front strut is considered too high for stock UCA's?
I'm using 5100's on the 2" section, 1 down from max. Most agree that if you don't offroad often and you don't go with 2.5" setting you're probably fine without UCA's.. however, as always, it doesn't hurt.
I did the same thing. 5100's set 1 down from the top. From the stuff I've read that seems like the max recommended. Too early yet to say if I'll have any problems.