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Good morning I’m having issues with 2020 3.0 engine oil seals.who can I contact at gm to try and resolve issues.asked for loaner car huge problem got a used car junk .need a truck no answer on how long for repairs?need help dealer being a jerk.
Purchased 2021 GMC Denali 3.0 diesel and only have 600 miles on it and love it!
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when you get to super high millage like me almost 5K it just keeps getting better!:)
Denali 71
Hey guys. My 2020 Denali 4x4 3.0 is 1yr old and never been to the shop for anything.
been in the shope for a wiring problem, computer problem and a DEF pump. But nothing lately and pushing 17K and love it. 2020 Silverado