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    Thats Funny

    What is wrong with oranges wanting to identify as being bananas? I mean what difference does it make? They all came from a tree! C'mon man!
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    Exhaust Brake

    It really shouldn't be called a "exhaust" brake. The true meaning comes from electronic over mechanical operation, which holds the exhaust valve closed for a timed duration, which pops when the valve is opened. Sounds cool and works great. Around here we have signs at city limits that say...
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    2022 GM 3.0L Duramax Gets Towing Capacity increase!

    JFI on what a snow pusher is CompuDragon... 😁 It's all 1/2" plate steel. With a 3/4" plate steel back drag. Bolts are 5/8ths.
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    2022 GM 3.0L Duramax Gets Towing Capacity increase!

    Yeah, they had a pretty low number there. Took the baby Denali to town of 520 population, but has a grain elevator with a scale, which I roll over 100 times a year during harvest. I was interested in what the snow pusher mounted on the Cat skid steer weighed. No problems taking off on flat...
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    Engine Oil Analisis results?

    Had a 454 in a 97 3/4 ton gmc Suburban. Dumped oil at 500 miles. Went to the new, as of then, mobile 1 synthetic. Wipe 3 cam lobes before 45k. Blamed it on the synthetic. But gm had a rash of soft cams in that era, also. I could agree with mooseman.
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    Thats Funny

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    Mobil 1 oil

    It's not gm licensed. I'm not a amsoil user, but if I used it, I wouldn't be concerned.
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    Well guys I kept the 1500, but

    Thanks guys. Truck went to 4800, this week. Off the train and setting in Wisconsin. Due in to the dealer on 26Nov. Not to plug up, with referencing the 2500/3500,I will only update this post with a couple pictures when she's home. It's nice to have a T1 1500 as a guinea pig...
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    [UPDATE] GM putting hold on 3.0L Duramax for 22 year models through 2021

    UPDATE 11-20-21... The baby max is back into production...
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    Thats Funny

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    Thats Funny

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    Blue vs Gray

    I think they all start out the same color. It's just that they turn blue from the cold.🥶 I'm surprised you didn't see a rush of blue trucks last winter when youall stole our coal fired electricity. 😉
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    New Guy

    Welcome and thanks for the picture!
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    First towing experiencewith my LM2...

    I know it's a typo, but I would be impressed at ~45000 lbs, too!
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    Thats Funny

    If you build it, they will come.....