24 Duramax Fuel System Failures


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Oct 10, 2018
Anyone had/seen issues with the fuel systems on the 24 6.6L Duramaxs?

My dad has a 24' model with 6500 miles.. it's in the shop with the entire fuel system tore down due to metal found. It's been there 3 weeks and they can't get all the parts... from what he said, this part was the one they are waiting on.. the service manager said he was 5xx out of 1000 customers waiting for this same part.. Sucks, GM hasn't tried to help and he can't pull his equipment with a half-ton.. so he needs the 3/4 ton back.

Injection Pump Drive Gear - GM (12698076)
No I have not.

They (gm) did some "improvements" for the '24's. Maybe the 'improvements" weren't!

Are you saying your Dad's dealer has 500 of them down, or gm customers, nationwide?
Are you sure of that part number? It comes up as the same for the previous years...

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I'm getting the info from him, so who knows if it's right.. and yes, it's not 500 at that dealer, but nationwide.. as of Friday still no update. GM Customer Service would not guarantee a rental reimbursement either. He found a rental WT Duramax 4x4 for 700 weekly, as he needs something to pull equipment.

Tough situation for sure.