Any foam cannon users?


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Oct 10, 2018
I know, I know they are mostly for "show". But the right products and it sure does seem to make the wash go a bit faster.

This is a cheap Amazon foam cannon right now that I'm using, since my "good one" is now leaking so I need to repair it, so for now.. this one will work.

Anyone else use a foam cannon?


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i did until I had it ceramic coated now its wipe and go still about thirty mins to wipe it down. still use the canon on my wife's Honda.
Not a user but considering it , does it really make a difference?

I like the pre soak and the "more suds" aspect of it, so I do think so as it gets a chance to break down any dirt/grime on the paint and break it loose therefore less chance of scratches as you wipe with a mitt.

Of course, depends on the soaps as well. I use this one:

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Love car guys stuff still use the water-less car wash on occasion. my friend also a big fan has all there products and the ceramic coat called hydroslick gives his truck the same look as mine but it has to be re applied twice a year instead of every five years.
Yep, I use a Chemical Guys Foam Cannon and whichever ones of their soap I happen to have on hand. The only rteal advantage to them is that they put the water sand soap on the vehicle at a rather qwuick pace and allow for a presoak. The wash goes quite a bit faster than the old bucket method, which I still use for a deep clean.
Enjoy using mine. I have a MTM PF22.2 - works great. The type of soap you use makes a huge difference in foam production.
Enjoy using mine. I have a MTM PF22.2 - works great. The type of soap you use makes a huge difference in foam production.

I have the same one. I'm using Mr Pink still with good success. Foam is nice and thick.

I need to post some updated pictures with the new cannon.. I'll try and grab some soon!
I love my foam cannon - am out of decent soap though - weak soap makes weak bubbles.

The Mr. Pink suds up really nice for me, and also had a nice smell - going to look for a big jug of snow foam on special somewhere.

I also just recently put a graphene coating on mine, and a hydrophobic coating on the glass - paint protection technology is growing and changing fast.


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How do you like the Glaco?
Personally, I am a huge fan of hydrophobic coatings - why they are not more popular is beyond me...

Living on the We(s)t Coast I find it works great as I don't have to use wipers on the highway, visibility is excellent (the entire window is clear, not just the area that the wipers contact), and no annoying wipers to have to 'look through' while driving.

If you do have to use the wipers, I find they work they work much better as the coating makes the water droplets sit proud on the windshield surface, making them easier to wipe off.

Another bonus is that bugs / debris don't stick to the window so easily - very easy to wipe / wash off.

I've also used products like Rain-X for many years, but I find that style of coating doesn't stay on very long - maybe a few weeks or a couple of month tops.

The Glaco is a coating that gets applied and has to dry for 12 hours before exposing it to moisture - good for about a year.