Dash Camera


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Jul 19, 2023
Does anyone have a dash cam that stays on all the time. I have mine plugged in on the USB plug on the dash. It goes off shortly after the truck is turn off.
There’s a fuse position you can switch (on the passenger side) so that the cigarette lighter has power all the time even if the truck is turned off.
Our truck doesn't have a lighter but i will check the usb fuse. Do you know which fuse off hand? thanks
You don’t have something like this on your dash (circled in red)? I thought they all came standard with it…


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No we have a 2003 ltz it just has a usbIMG_20240203_155105418.jpg
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Well, that’s really dumb if they removed it for 2023. Not sure if there is anything you can do to keep power on all the time on the dash cam….?
Get a test light to find the hot lead and get a tap fuse kit and hardwire within your headliner.. that's my plan once I get over my injury. (just a few more months hopefully).