Engine No Start TechLink bulletin


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Jun 23, 2021
Ok had the reflash completed on my truck on Friday/Yesterday 11/5/21 (8600miles.) time will tell?
What I have noticed already is the normal crank time. Before the reflash my truck would start instantly with almost no crank time/revolutions and would be running in a blink of the eye, except for the 1 time every 1000 miles.
Now after the reflash I can tell it cranks a hair longer before it starts up? Maybe ONE second, but it's definitely a longer spin time than before I had the flash performed, No it's not excessive, but it's enough you can tell it's longer than before.
We will see down the road I almost have 9,000 miles so I'm do for the extended crank, so far I'm up to 8 no start crank events in 8600 miles, so it should be soon unless the flash has fixed the issue, fingers crossed.


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Mar 22, 2022
Do the PIP5823B ECM flash, but don't waste time with the cam sensor or exiter wheel repair. Several owners on the gm-trucks.com forum had those done and it did NOT resolve the problem. A few others have had the cab removed and the entire wiring harness checked. Another time and expense waste. I first had the problem on the day I bought the truck and probably a dozen so far. Some were a few days apart and have gone 7 months without it occurring. The worst is almost an hour and probably 20 start attempts at night on a weekend 500 miles from home before it eventually started. Some have had to have it towed and of course it starts the next day at the dealer.
What a great truck...when it starts. :)


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Aug 30, 2023
Hello all. I know this thread is a little old, but figured I’d put my experience on here to hopefully help out. I got a 2021 Silverado diesel about a month ago (27,000 miles) and have put on about 6000 miles without issue. Just yesterday I had the long crank no start condition, but the truck wouldn’t start. Tried for a couple more hrs before getting it towed to the dealer. Luckily when the dealer tried to start it in the morning it still wouldn’t start. However when the tech tried to bring it in the bay two hours later it fired right up. They drove it around and started/stopped it for 45 minutes without issues before they called me and said they didn’t know what to do. They said there weren’t any recalls listed for it. I mentioned the service bulletin in this thread and when they actually looked further into it found that to be a valid fix. Time will tell if it will work, but just wanted to post this to make sure people tell the dealer about the service bulletin or you may just get sent home with nothing done to your pickup (and be even more pissed when it happens again).


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Oct 10, 2018
Since the reflash I've not experienced it still.. I think it's a solid fix!