It looks like the 1500's are included in the recall...


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Nov 25, 2020
I posted below about the hd's in auto news. I thought I'd bring it up here, learning that the half tons are included.

I received 2 emails for my 2 HD's about a recall for the tailgate dropping on their own.

I looked at the MyGMC app for more information and the recall is including the half tons, also. I have not received an email for mine yet...

With the stop sale happening, they'll be fixing it quick... :D
I don’t see how this is an issue on 1500’s like the 2500’s as the design of the tailgate at the top is completely different, no depression for the water to drain into.
I agree. I have read about some cases on the 1500's. But it might have been the issue of the tailgate switch on the dash allowing the gate to drop in gear.
My tailgate shorted the lower switch about a year ago. Two weeks ago the upper switch started shorting and was replaced