New to the Forum but not a new truck


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Jan 2, 2024
I bought my 2021 GMC Sierra SLT in November 2020, before Covid and supply chain issues. Love this truck. The ride is awesome and there is so much room. Went from a 17 GMC Canyon 2.8 Diesel to this Sierra. It was a great little truck as well but nothing like the Sierra. Don’t think I will have a mid size truck again for a daily driver. I will be checking out the site and giving my input when I can be of assistance.

I did the same. Fall of 20, when dealers were hurting/worried for business, due to lockdowns.
I went from a Colorado Duramax to this as well, before that I had a Duramax LML that I loved. We're glad to have you here!
Has anyone had any problems out of your 3.0? I had a front crank seal leak just under my 3 year 36000. It was in the shop twice before they replaced the front cover. It was down for 3 months before the parts arrived due to the strike. So far so good now. Other than that it’s been great truck.