New to towing


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I'm looking at possibly getting a travel trailer. I've never towed anything before, but I assume with the following specs of a trailer I'm looking at should be ok.

Hitch Weight: 815 lb.
GVWR: 7815 lb.
UVW 5863 lb.

Any tips/tricks you wish you knew when you towed your first RV is appreciated, thanks.


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Looks within the weight of your truck.. check the door panel sticker to be safe.

Most guys start off with airbags just for the freedom to level out the truck when loaded.. I'm sure we'll have some more people chime in soon here..


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Be ready to put a lot of DEF in your truck! I towed a 6000 pound travel trailer and was having to fill up the DEF about every 2-3 tanks. I started carrying multiple 2.5 gallon containers of DEF with me. As far as power, it seemed to tow that weight just fine. With the trailer in tow the ride was a bit rough so I also installed Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 air bags with on board compressor, made the ride much better, definitely recommend. With the hitch weight you are looking at, 815, I would strongly recommend the air bags otherwise you will be sagging and will have a rougher ride. You can save money by not going with the on board compressor. Good luck, let us know how it goes.